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How to solve Problems with 404 caused by

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the problem with GoogleAds sending Ads to 404 page
the problem with GoogleAds

As of August 25, 2021, Facebook Attribution is no longer available for use.
Many Google Ads Accounts used an URL TRACKING TEMPLATE that basically was pinging Attribution, and then after a Redirect was going to the correct FINAL URL. Now Meta closed the redirection, so who still have this redirect in his account, will have Google ads going to 404 page due to, and tags.

In the beginning very few persons understood what happened, many don’t know who put that script, maybe they acquired the Google Ads Client Account after that code was written by someone else or they just forgot it… But it has a huge impact as many agencies use a “shared” email to access Google Ads and no one read the admin email where they will receive notification of ads blocked because of 404, morover link checker script seems to ignore what happens.

In the beginning in the italian community we call it “virus” as many Google Search Results were reporting that this domains seems to be related to a virus, but it’s not.

Good Job Pasquale Altamura that had the correct idea and discovered the correlation (AND CAUSATION =P) and to all the people that helped me solving this riddle!

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On October 1, 2022, we will be fully discontinuing support for Facebook Attribution measurement tags that use the domain, including, and tags. Please remove these tags from all tracking templates on your non-Meta properties by September 30, 2022. If the tags continue to be used after support is removed, ads using these tags may not direct potential customers to the intended destination when clicked.

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